Steve Balaban

Making the complex world of private equity simple.

“We were grateful to have Steve Balaban, CFA — the contributing author on the subject of private equity for the CFA Program — to share valuable insights on how family offices can approach the private equity and venture capital market due diligence process.”

– CFA Society Singapore 🇸🇬

Steve has engaged a wide range of audiences with his infectious enthusiasm

Finance professionals

Finance Professionals

Learn how finance professionals can help their clients navigate private equity investments.

Family offices

Family Offices

Learn how family offices can invest directly in private companies.

Service providers

Service Providers

Learn what service providers need to be aware of in a private equity deal.

About Steve

Steve has 15+ years of experience in the private equity industry as an investor, advisor, and award-winning university lecturer.

Steve Balaban is the Chief Investment Officer of Mink Capital, Chief Learning Officer of Mink Learning, an award-winning lecturer at the University of Waterloo and Contributing Author to the CFA Program on subjects of PE, Private Debt, as well as Alternative Investments overall. Prior to starting Mink Capital, Mink Learning, teaching at the University of Waterloo, and being in the CFA Program, Steve was the Chief Investment Officer of a Family Office in Canada, with a focus on PE.

Steve talking at a private equity workshop.

YouTube Channel

Steve is the Chief Learning Officer at Mink Learning, an education platform dedicated to making the complex world of PE simple. Through Mink Learning, Steve has launched a PE Education YouTube Channel that has:

  • 12,000+ Global Subscribers
  • 750,000+ Total Views
  • A new PE educational video released every Tuesday at 11 AM

Here’s what people say about Steve Balaban.

Adrian K.


“Great teacher but most importantly great person! Perfect way to fresh up content on PE both for your CFAs and investment professionals in general. Keep going!”

Sahiba S.


“This is the first time that I’ve attended such a session. Amazing and highly interactive. It was always like a group of friends chatting and discussing. Great place to learn and grow.”

Mike S.


“Steve inspired the audience through his intimate delivery, detailed knowledge of private equity, and his relevant experiences. His enthusiasm and passion are truly contagious and he had the audience engaged from the first minute!”

Duy A.


“Truly engaging bootcamp. Tons of possibilities to engage with other participants and sharing insights from each other’s perspectives and industries.”