• “I have known Steve for two years. He is deeply committed to his work in private markets but he also has a passion in passing on his knowledge. Steve is a lecturer at the University of Waterloo and enjoys parting his knowledge to his students but also is a presenter at various conferences both in North America and in Europe.

    I have found Steve to be very easy to approach and easy to speak to. Not only does he enjoy sharing his knowledge but he is a student of private markets. He constantly strives to discover the latest trend or the latest opportunity – a definite asset to a family office looking to augment their investment platform. Steve is always on top of his game.

    Steve’s goal is to provide the best advice to his clients, conference participants and his students.”

    - Kostas Andrikopoulos, KNA Strategic Wealth Consulting Corp

  • “I had the pleasure of attending two of Steve’s presentations at the CFA Society Toronto. Steve inspired the audience through his intimate delivery, detailed knowledge of private equity, and his relevant experiences. His enthusiasm and passion are truly contagious and he had the audience engaged from the first minute!”

    - Mike Schankula

  • “Steve’s passion and enthusiasm combine in an infectious delivery style that effectively delivers Private Equity content to a wide range of audiences. In the time that I have known Steve, I have seen him inspire audiences with his deep knowledge of Private Equity and passionate enthusiasm for the industry.”

    - Craig Geoffrey, University of Waterloo

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Steve is the founder of Mink Learning, an education platform dedicated to making the complex world of private equity simple

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